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Your solution to a healthy shower

The world's only easy clean solution, designed to prevent mold and bacteria growth in your shower head. Do you know what is lurking inside your shower head?

"ShowerClear was invented for one purpose. To be the only shower head commercially available which will stay completely free of dangerous mold and bacteria."

- steve sunshine, inventor & ceo

Easy to clean

Designed specifically to be easy to open and clean to avoid buildup and bacteria growth

Prevents mold & bacteria

Eliminating the health impacts of typical shower head designs which are an ideal breading ground for bacteria

Easy to fit

Our shower head is compatible with all shower designs and is really easy to fit

Innovative design

Our ground-breaking shower head design is a first of its kind and still the only one on the market

The last shower head you will ever want to buy

Engineered for enduring excellence, our product delivers timeless performance

On-hand customer service

Our expert team is always on-hand and happy to assist you here

the showerclear solution

The world's only mold & bacteria free showering experience

Traditional shower head chambers form dark, moist and damp breeding environments for bacteria, including Legionella & NTM. During showers, these microbes are aerosolised and inhaled causing skin irritations, lung infections, and long-term health problems like lung disease. Our Patented Design allows you to open and clean the inside of your shower head, so you don’t have to worry about the accumulation of harmful mold or bacteria ever again.

as seen in

the back story

Get to know the man behind the invention

Inspired by his love of racing cars, Steve Sunshine invented ShowerClear when his mother was suffering from a respiratory illness. At the time he saw a news report detailing “shower sickness” and thought this could have been the cause for his mother’s symptoms. Upon investigating, Steve realized her shower head was filled with mold due to its flawed design that prohibited internal cleaning. After unsuccessfully searching for an easy to clean alternative, he invented ShowerClear, which remains the only product of its type on the market.

Bought this shower head after a diagnosis of NTM lung disease. I was amazed at how much water was pooled in my old shower head when I removed it. I love that there is no reservoir for water and bacterial growth in this shower head.

verified purchase

Very lovely shower head! It’s very elegant looking and made very strong. The stream coming out is a good one also. Easy open for cleaning. Looking to buy another one for a second bathroom.

verified purchase

The shower head is simple but designed and made to be open between uses. It is constructed of solid brass (with choice of 4 finishes). Although it opens between uses, it closes tightly so it does not leak.

verified purchase

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