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About ShowerClear

A solution to an old problem.

Overtime shower heads grow bacteria and mold. They are difficult or impossible to clean. With one simple patented design, ShowerClear provides an innovative solution - flip it open to clean out or simply air dry after each use to prevent the development of any harmful bacteria and mold. We engineered the healthiest shower head: no filters, no internal parts, no hidden bacteria, no place for anything to hide

The need for a clean shower

Combating mold to protect health

Steve's mother suffered from a respiratory illness, and during that time, he saw a news report about "shower sickness."

He began to suspect that his mother's bathroom, particularly the shower head, might be contributing to her pulmonary disease symptoms. When he removed the shower head, he found it covered in mold inside. The recommended cleaning solution was to unscrew the shower head and flush it with bleach or vinegar. Mr. Sunshine quickly realized you cannot clean a traditional shower head because you cannot clean what you cannot see.

From researching further, Steve began to realize how big of an impact the mold and bacteria in his mother's shower head was effecting her health. Mold exposure increases the risk of several health issues, particularly affecting the respiratory system.

Unable to find an "easy to clean" shower head on the market, he decided to invent one himself.


ground-breaking solution

From cars to clean showers

ShowerClear began with Steve Sunshine. Steve started his career in life insurance and estate planning. His true passion was racing vintage sports cars and being a hands-on mechanic. Today he continues to buy and sell the worlds most important collector cars. Competitive talents led him to be a skilled fabricator. He consider himself someone who fixes things most people have no idea are broken.

It was Steve's passion for high-end cars that created the design behind the ShowerClear shower head...


Introducing ShowerClear

Innovative solution

Steve drew inspiration for his shower head design from the fuel cap of a vintage car he worked on.

He envisioned a shower head with similar functionality and spent years in research and development, securing patents along the way to create and develop ShowerClear. Steve meticulously designed a product that could be easily cleaned and effectively prevent mold and bacteria. His innovative design has been rigorously tested, resulting in the solution to a healthy shower. ShowerClear stands out as the only fully cleanable shower head on the market, offering unparalleled hygiene and peace of mind.

Being able to easily flip open ShowerClear, prevents the health impacts of typical shower head and offers a safe solution for everyone. With its chic design in multiple finishes, it is the perfect solution for everyone.


"Our mission is to revolutionize bathroom hygiene by providing the world’s only fully cleanable shower head. We are dedicated to enhancing health through innovative design, and a commitment to excellence, ensuring that every shower experience is free from harmful mold and bacteria."


world leading shower head