Installing your brand new Shower Clear shower head can be done easily following these simple steps:

  1. Remove existing Shower Head with an adjustable wrench or plyer depending on style.
  2. Make sure threads on pipe from wall. Use wire brush if necessary.
  3. Use 1 or 2 rounds of white Teflon plumbers thread tape to insure sealing
  4. Carefully begin to thread Shower Clear onto threads. **Take your time getting it started so you do not drop the unit. It is a tight fit.
  5. Screw on Clockwise until tight and position the latch at 12:00 for easy operation. **You should not need a wrench but, if necessary there is a flat provided for an adjustable wrench. ***DO NOT USE PLYERS.
  6. Test for leaking and tighten if necessary.
  7. Enjoy